Wonder Woman ****

This is the first solo cinema outing ever for the Detective Comics favourite female character, Wonder Woman (WW).

It has been worth the wait, for this is a well-crafted retelling of the WW backstory set during the early years of the 20th Century.

DC films have always tended to have darker and edgier stories than those from Marvel and this film follows the trend.

There is only a light smattering of humour, adding milWonder Womand spice to a very satisfying mix of pathos, adventure and coming of age saga.

Parents need not worry about the violence, as it is not graphic or gory.

On the contrary, those seeking a suitable roll model for their daughter could do no better than this Amazon Hero.

I award it 4 out of five stars



3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman ****”

  1. …Lynda Carter played the 1980s series WW (not Lindsey Wagner as I incorrectly recalled) Still I barely watched it any more than Bay watch….Seems the reboots are up to a high standard!


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