The Mummy **.5

The Mummy is the latest outing both for Tom Cruise and one of the earliest franchised stories in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise gives a typical performance, cruising through the story without effort.

The story is also typical of the modern CGI enhanced, formulaic action thriller that we have grown used to in recent years.

My problem is that The Mummy is supposed to be a horror story but this just does not deliver.  The ‘horrific’ content is a rehash of the many Zombie films that have been fashionable.

the mummyThe only ‘shock’ in the whole film is already given away be being the centrepiece of the trailer which has been shown in cinemas, on TV adverts and chat shows for the last month. What we are left with is a humourless, non-scary, bland vision of what could have been.

The teen and 20’s audiance will probably love it, knowing no better.

I recommend the 1999 Brendon Fraser version for its humour and ground braking special effects.

If you want a real scare, the 1932 B&W Boris Karloff version is still the best version.

So for this run of the mill action adventure, 2.5 stars out of five.


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