Churchill ****

TOdeon Churchillhis is a biopic looking at a four day period in the life of Winston Churchill.

We see him haunted by the demons of the first World War and how these raised doubt in his mind at a critical stage of World War 2. These spill out into his professional and personal support network.

Brian Cox who does an excellent visual and audible representation plays Churchill.

Miranda Richardson plays Churchill’s wife, the hard-pressed Clementine, equally well.

I found this to be a fascinating tale, which I hope was historically as accurate as possible. I had no idea that General Jan Smuts was so close to Churchill, having been on opposite sides in the Boar War. Something learned means the day has not been wasted.

I give this film 4 out of five.


One thought on “Churchill ****”

  1. We’ve seen trailer for this, looks really good. Brian Cox underrated, one of my favourite character actors. A must see for us.


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