Gifted *****

This story is a mix of family trauma, duck out of water and rom-com.


It so easily could have fallen into the pit of TV Movie but is lifted by very high quality actors and crew including Captain America’s Chris Evans. However the true star is a Mckenna Grace, an amazingly talented 10yr old actor.

The performances are totally believable so that you feel their pain and joy.

This is a genuine Family Film for all ages.

I freely admit loosing control of my tears a couple of times and laughing out loud at others.

I left feeling much happier than when I arrived. So here we have a really good film without explosions’, guns, monsters, cops and robbers or CGI. What a relief that it can still be done. The full 5 out of five stars from me.


2 thoughts on “Gifted *****”

  1. An update on Gifted..With four friends, we’d recommended this film to, coincidentally viewing at the same time/day as us, we watched this 5* movie. We were not disappointed. We laughed, but didn’t cry, just rapturous enjoyment. No so called mega stars, but if McKenna Grace doesn’t become one, I’ll be a monkeys uncle!!


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