Hampstead **

With the talents of Diane Keaton and Brendon Gleeson, this should have been a delightful Autumn Rom-Com.

However the director, Joel Hopkins, gives us a dull and sadly unfunny tale of stock characters in the bubble community of Hampstead.

EvHampsteadery plot point is highlighted, every character an eccentric.

When the hero meets the heroine there is almost an announcement proclaiming, “here are our lovers” (I exaggerate to get my point home, as does the film).

Sorry but this is probably destined for the daytime television movie slot.

On the plus side, Hampstead Heath and its environs are filmed beautifully. There is not one drop of litter, splash of graffiti, unattractive native or ugly building in the whole 102 minutes.

This will delight Middle America by pandering to their image of London.

Just 2 out of five for this disappointment.


5 thoughts on “Hampstead **”

  1. Hi Dennis! I was at the blogging course on Wednesday. I’m thoroughly enjoying your reviews and will continue to read them. I’ve booked tickets to see this film, on Wednesday. I’m a massive Diane Keaton fan. However, having read this review I’ll go with low expectations in the hope that I might be pleasantly surprised!


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