What is this bloke on about?

What is this bloke on about?

Hi, if you haven’t found me from my FaceBook page then I’d like to tell you a little about me and my blog.

cropped-unadjustednonraw_thumb_2187.jpgI am a retired male living in the UK, with time to spare and a love of cinema.

Recently I started to post short reviews of what I had just seen at the cinema on my FB page and received favourable feedback from my friends.   I got a bit carried away so after posting some 40 reviews my page was getting overstuffed, resulting in my other posts disappearing. I have now decided to move these reports to my own dedicated blog.

My idea is simply

  • To say what I thought of the film without giving anything away about the story that is not in the trailer already.
  • To do so in under 200 words.

I pay for my own tickets and get nothing from anybody except, I hope, your approval.

I also welcome your views on both my posts and your opinions about the same films/movies.

I use a 1 to 5 grade at the end of each review.

1 = Well that was two hours of my life wasted.

2 = Fine for a wet Sunday afternoon on TV with nothing better to do.

3 = A good story worth the price of admission.

4 = A very good example of the genre and not to be missed if this is your type of story.

5 = Even if you would not normally go to a film like this, I think it is too good to miss.

My thanks to IMDB.com for the poster images and where you can find trailers for all the reviewed movies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your feedback.

My thanks to IMDB.com for the poster images and where you can find trailers for all the reviewed movies.

Update 2, September 2017:

I have decided to expand the range of subjects reviewed within this blog.  I will now include reviews of Live Theatre and Restaurants.

I have loved the theatre since I was taken to see my first pantomime at the wonderful Wimbledon Theatre.  This love has never left me and since retiring I have been a volunteer usher at the Guildford G-Live theatre.

When I retired in 2013, I also started to write reviews on Trip Advisor under the username Fatmaninthesun1.  These have covered both holidays around the world and visits to local restaurants in England.

It seems to make sense to include some of these reviews here with their own categories.

If there is a better way to separate these reviews from the core film review, perhaps on their own pages, I would welcome constructive suggestions.

Update 3: October 2017:

Many thanks go to swg469 for his expert proof reading skills.  Hopefully my miss spellings and poor grammer will improve as a result.