Dunkirk *****

Dunkirk will surely stand alongside other legendary British War Films such as The Longest Day, The Dam Busters and Battle of Britain in years to come.

The form used by the director is to tell the story by using a small number of separate stories, intertwined and intercut with each other. This allows the viewer to see the grand overview and the personal sacrifices without losing either in detail.

The cast comes from a wide range of talents, with well-known actors at the height of their powers to newcomers who by-and-large play the ordinary soldiers caught up in history.


It was quite apparent that a large proportion of the audience had simply come to see Harry Styles in his first acting role.  He did a good job but more importantly, he brought in a young audience who were then exposed to a great lesson in our history.

This film was shot in both normal 65mm format and also 70mm IMAX.

This is one occasion I hope to see this film again at an IMAX cinema as I suspect our aging Guildford Odeon did not do it full justice.  (Odeon Wimbledon or Kingston are shown on the Odeon website).

The full 5 out of five stars for this Tour de Force of a film.