Thor: Ragnarok *****

The latest offering from the Marvel universe, Thor Ragnarok, sees the return of Thor, as brought to life by Chris Hemsworth.

Aimed at the 12-year-old audience, the violence is almost bloodless and profanities are kept to the mild end of the spectrum. Layered on top of this is a plethora of adult targeted jokes and characterisations that should keep most grownups laughing.

In this story Thor faces two different baddies. The first is Cate Blanchett as Thor’s very bad, big sister Hela. The second is Jeff Goldblum as possibly the funniest and campest dictator in cinema history.

I felt rather sorry for Ms Blanchett, great actor as she is, because Goldblum dominates the story with a far richer and funnier part.

The action sequences are very impressive as is normal now, but for once, the script is equally good, blending the various story lines smoothly, while keeping the plot moving and maintaining the very funny humour.

I laughed out loud frequently and left the cinema feeling refreshed and happy.

I can’t expect much more than that from any film.

The result is therefore 5 out of five stars for this outstanding superhero tale.


Spider-Man:Home Coming ***

Spider-Man has a long cinema history as well as TV and comics so the basic premise of the character is well known to many, including Homer Simpsons Spider-Pig song.

This time, with a new actor in the title role, the makers have avoided the temptation to just remake the origin story and give us a new web of intrigue.

Sadly they have still used one aspect of the earlier films concerning the secret identity of the villain.

So I have to say this is just another run of the mill superhero tale from the Marvel Studios.


The special effects are spectacular as in all these genre of films with nothing really new.   The plot is predicta

ble and characterisations two-dimensional. There is some humour, mainly sardonic and weak.

However, if I were a pre-teen child seeing their first Spider-Man film, I would be over the moon with excitement at the antics of their hero.

Thankfully they are the target audience for this film and not grumpy old film nuts like me. It will be a great hit because of that.

So its 3 stars out of five for adult audiences and 5 Stars for their children.